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St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Yamaha T9.9

The T9.9 is the high-thrust version of this new Yamaha 9.9 hp model. It uses a higher gear ratio and Yamaha’s optional Dual Thrust­™ prop to deliver outstanding thrust needed to help control heavier boats. Features like Yamaha’s enhanced UCp-II™ Ultimate Corrosion Protection System, featuring proprietary YDC-30 aluminum alloy, ACP-221 paint process, sacrificial anodes and freshwater flush offer the best durability.

Warning and protection systems including over-rev limiter, low oil pressure warning, starting gear protection and shift-in-gear protection at advanced throttle settings helps make the T9.9 more reliable and user friendly.

  • Yamaha’s Dual Thrust™ Propeller
  • Higher Gear Ratio
  • Microcomputer Ignition
  • Thermostatic Cooling Control
  • Crossfire Valve Fuel Charging